Saturday, October 01, 2011

Smore Cupcakes

While I was away on the most fabulous trip, I was featured on one of my favorite cooking blogs, Two Little Chefs.  Two Little Chefs is run by two lovely ladies and one of them happens to be one of my most treasured friend. Some of my most fond memories have been shared with Kelly, and I am so so lucky to have her as a friend.

The recipe that I shared is my favorite cupcake from Trophy Cupcakes located here in Seattle. Jennifer, the owner of Trophy, shared the recipe on Martha Stewart and I was out to make them as soon as I could. While they don't look as grande as Trophy's, they tasted just as good! I altered the original recipe just a tad bit because there was not enough graham crackers for my liking.

If you want to make these fab cupcakes using my notes and instructions, visit Two Little Chefs and let me know what you think! Also, try out this recipe that Kelly and I created while I was visiting her.

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