Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Rockin Out Tuesday- The Flaming Lips

Ok so here is the deal. Right before I left for my NYC/DC trip I saw The Flaming Lips at the fair. I know, at the fair. It was unreal.

The back story. I have always wanted to see them in concert. Not particularly because I am obsessed with them, but I have heard that they perform an INCREDIBLE show. Like blow your mind out of this world incredible.

So one morning I was reading my emails at 6 AM (I know, way too early!) and I got an email from Amazon Local that they had a deal for The Flaming Lips at the Puyallup fair concert series for $15. What the heck, I bought two tickets.

I really was not sure what all to expect. We drove about an hour to some town I have never been to and I hoped for the best. We paid some kid $5 to park in his yard, it was cheaper than paying $20 for parking at the fair grounds. Ghetto Fab.

You guys, this concert was unreal. My mouth was literally open the whole two something hours we were there. They had giant confetti filled balloons, streamers, smoke, laser lights, the whole works. If you can think of it, they had it! On stage they had an entourage and some dudes wearing a sunshine and worm costume. It was so bizarre. During the opening, the lead singer even crowed surfed in some crazy bubble suit that he put on. They even preformed a song using an i phone. What? So cool. The point is, this was UNREAL. They rocked the heck out of it and it was at a fair. Not some huge concert just for them, but at the fair! And they were so excited to be there. Modest Mouse, you should take lessons from them. Ok?
Do you see him crowd surfing in the bubble?

The concert basically went down like the following video but with a smaller crowd.

If you ever have the chance to see them, do it! Please forgive my awful phone pictures.

2 Grass Lovers:

Deanna said...

Awesome! Though I don't know any of their songs besides Vaseline- it was one of fave songs back in '95.

Wren/Karen said...

I was at their concert too!!! What a great time. I got in a little late because I was in line for the roller coaster FOREVER. It really was a great show.