Friday, July 22, 2011


So glad that it is finally Friday! What an insane week it has been. I feel like I have been going none stop since Monday morning and I need a secretary to manage my calendar. Yesterday, I told a coworker how I am constantly overbooking myself and should start to remember to calendar events in the family calendar instead of my personal one. She was so perplexed with the idea that we were busy enough to have a family calendar! I began to think about it and was baffled too with how busy C.B. and I are. I mean, yes he works full time, but I work part time and we have no kids, how did my days become so jammed packed?

For example, yesterday, I failed to look at the family calendar before I started to make plans and I was go go go until late in the night. I got up super early, worked out for an hour, went to Weight Watchers, and then finished my morning by making dinner for a friend who is on bed rest. Why did I make dinner in the morning over the evening you ask? Well, it's because it totally slipped my mind that I had a meeting 30 minutes away that I had to get to right after work. On top of that I committed to make cupcakes to take to work the next morning. Oh, and I had to eat dinner before 8PM, cause I didn't want to break my weekly challenge streak. 

At around 4PM I began to panic and sent a message to C.B. about how I had no idea how i was going to pull all of this off. Being the calm and collective one, he sent me back a game plan and it made perfect sense. He volunteered to go to the store to pick up missing ingredients and to make the cupcake for me. I just had to find time for dinner and get to my meeting. What a saint! He is far more busy than I am and I loved that he was willing to take some time from his busy schedule to help me out. Did I mention that he got called to be the ward clerk (church assignment)?  Basically, Sundays and Tuesdays we will most likely see each other for a couple of hours in the evening.

Yesterday went much smoother than expected. Only thing I failed on was not eating dinner before 8PM. But everything can't be perfect right? YAY for Friday!

3 Grass Lovers:

Kathryn Camara said...

Yay for Friday indeed! Gotta tell ya that once you have a kid life slows down quite a bit because little ones can't keep the same pace we can. Plus it affords us the great bonus of nap times until they out grow them. Hope you get a nice calm weekend to re-coop.

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

I hear you. By the way, do you use Google Calendar? Hubs and I have our calendars synced... so he can see mine and I can see his. It works out really well.

Diana said...

You're so great. Stress however, is not.