Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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I am going to NYC for a week in the end of September and I have never been before. I am so beyond thrilled to finally get to experience this incredible city. I've been dreaming of going there ever since I was a little girl. While I was living in the Middle East, when people found out that I was an American, they automatically assumed that my mum was from NYC. They would ask "What is it like? You must know?" and I was disappointed that I really didn't know.

If you have been to this mighty city please let me know what are the must dos. Where to eat, to stay, shop, and see. I want to experience the hidden gems that most guide books won't have.

I can hardly wait.

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Amie said...

How long are you staying? Do the touristy stuff first, then I'd recommend just walking around. Definitely go eat at Serendipity, go to Top of the Rock, Empire State Building. When I go back, I want to spend an entire afternoon laying on a blanket in Central Park.

Sharon Beesley said...

don't do the empire state building: DO: Top of the Rock. please believe me!!!!!

LunaMoonbeam said...

When we lived on the East Coast, I would go to NYC just for Chinatown. ;-) It made me remember my 18 months in Hong Kong, on my mission. Other things...unless you really want to walk to the top of the statue of Liberty, head to the Stanton Island (sp??) ferry. It's free, and will take you right past lady liberty. With a good camera, you can get better shots than if you were actually on the island with her. Oh, and check out the day-of ticket kiosks. There's one near the ferry - you can get Broadway tickets, dirt cheap, on the day of the performance. ( Have fun!!!

Mammodouy's Stories said...

Oh you, lucky, lucky girl!
I was supposed to be there early September...
I've been there several times and I'll send you a mail to give you ideas!
Swee'Pea was there two weeks ago and stayed at a very nice B&B. I'll check with him too.
Wish I could meet you there. I love New York so much. It's so amazing and filled with life.
Will write soon.

Michelle said...

Since you're into cupcakes, you HAVE to go to Crumbs Bakery. Their cupcakes are better than all the rest! Have a blast. I love NY!