Saturday, May 14, 2011

An unforgettable birthday

Oh what a week! On Tuesday I turned 27 and I felt awkward and weird about the idea of being 3 years closer to 30. But none the less I always look forward to my birthday and I had huge plans to make this birthday epic.

And then on Monday morning I woke up with a sore throat and slowly my plans for an epic birthday began to unravel.

The morning of my birthday I woke up feeling much worse than the day before. Then CB informed me that my birthday present that he ordered had yet to arrive, it was five days late and could possible have been lost in the mail. I tried to not let it bother me, but it did and a huge blow came when I realized that I would have to postpone my 1940's themed party for another week.

I know, I'm such a huge baby.

But CB knows me oh so well and went beyond efforts to make up for how things were panning out. He came home with a dozen balloons and an adorable pair of shoes from Nordstrom.  Tucked inside the shoe box was a card with a brief note that he wrote that he hoped that I would never forget my 27th birthday.

So far I can reassure you I won't ever forget it. I know he has so much up his sleeve and he won't tell me a single hint. All because he wants me to have that epic birthday that I was dreaming up, it will just have to be 10 days after the fact. I can not wait.

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2 Grass Lovers:

Mammodouy's Stories said...

Love you, guys! You are great!

Happy postponed Birthday, Layla! :)

capturingtheride said...

way to go CB!!!!