Monday, May 09, 2011

A couch potato in the making

Have you guys heard of the Japanese cat Maru? Well if you haven't you are missing out cause this cat is super fly and has his own You Tube channel. I am not even kidding.

A couple of weeks back, I was browsing his channel and all of a sudden my cat, Sarge was completely mesmerized by Maru. Sarge sat there and watched Maru's videos for about an hour. He only left from his spot when the video play list that I created stopped.

Now any time I'm on my lap top, Sarge is curious to see what I am doing and leaves pretty fast when he realizes that I am not watching Maru's You Tube channel. But if Maru is on, he will ignore everything else to become a couch potato. Even his food. And Sarge really really loves his food.

*Sorry for the poor quality of video.

3 Grass Lovers:

Brock said...

I love how he reaches out for the screen.

Mammodouy's Stories said...

So funny and sweet!
Sarge is awesome!
Minou, my American cat, loved cartoons. He could spend a long time watching cartoons on tv... from the couch!
Bilbo Baggins loved to watch football games... and from time to time, he'd run to the tv set and try to catch the ball...
And Byerly loved so much our Skype sessions with JC (his one and only love) that he'd start purring in front of the computer screen...
Cats are a lot of fun.

Lindsey Walker said...

This is seriously so cute! I love it! My favorite part is when he reaches out towards the screen. Cats are awesome.