Saturday, March 19, 2011

A reminder

I've had the craziest week, getting back to life after vacation is hard work!

On Monday, I was gifted with a framed picture of my favorite saying. It's exactly what I needed to remind me that all would be well.

What keeps you sane?

2 Grass Lovers:

capturingtheride said...

I have that same print (in marigold) hanging above out dining helps me remember to take a couple of deep breaths before losing it when sawyer decides it's fun to SCREAM at the top of his lungs during any given meal :) Nice to have visual reminders... :)

Diana said...

I was about to say I saw that somewhere recently (that would be at Tysha's house). What keeps me sane? At this moment.....blogging and facebook. No joke. It's a good distraction.