Monday, March 21, 2011

Fashion icon

I adore Jackie O. I think she was so incredibly beautiful, graceful and had killer style. I love her massive sunglasses, A-line dresses, low heels, pearls and her hats and scarves that show cased her shoulder length jet black hair.

A classic beauty!  I fell more in love with her style when I saw her wedding dress and pictures of her on her wedding day. Stunning!


On Friday, I showed up to work wearing red lipstick, a 60's style outfit, big sunglasses, along with my new above shoulder length hair. A coworker saw me and said "Ohhh, very Jackie O"  It kept me smiling all day!

Who is your fashion icon?

2 Grass Lovers:

RORYJEAN said...

That wedding dress is awesome! Jackie O always makes me wish I had dark hair and a better wardrobe- she really knew how to dress and she was just such a classy lady. I want to see a picture of your new hairdo.

Nicci said...

You remind me of her in your style, totally! =)