Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Weekend

On Friday, history took place and the Egyptian people won their battle. I'm crossing my fingers for them to have a smooth road ahead of them. I'm not Egyptian but I was filled with pride and joy all day on Friday. It's pretty incredible that a 17 day youth revolution took down a 30 year regime. And it was fairly peaceful (although lives were lost)! I have a feeling that it will have a ripple effect and that lots of change will go forward in the Middle East. What is even more amazing is that Facebook and Twitter had a huge effect on this revolution. The technology of our day is brilliant!

CB and I ran the Valentine's Day Dash on Saturday. It was his first 5k and my second. He totally killed it and I shaved off two minutes from my previous time. Not bad at all. I can't wait to do another one soon. Running 5K's are addictive!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the day of love with another long run together and feasting on a homemade meal.

I love Valentine's day with the Cute Boy.  How are you going to celebrate?

P S: I'm leaving you with one of my favorite videos from Egypt. It make me happy. I love how proud he is!

P S S: For more first hand experiences of the Egyptian Revolution, visit my friend's blog. She happened to be visiting right before it happened and had to be evacuated.

I watched Al-Jazeera non stop and Ayman did an amazing job at reporting.

4 Grass Lovers:

Deanna said...

Congrats on the race! Totally addictive! And yay for shaving 2 mins off your time. Awesome.

Kathryn Camara said...

Way to shave time off your race! So cute that you two run together.

For V day we do a dinner at home. He cooks, I make dessert. We got tired of the over-crowded restaurants long ago. He always does something sweet and romantic. We get each other small gifts and See's Chocolates.
Hope you have a happy Valentine's day.

Unknown said...

Whats Valentines Day? I too am impressed with the revolution. I think it is important to remember that there were bloody clashes, fights, shots, vehicular homicides, resulting in the intentional deaths of hundreds. But I know what you mean, it wasnt a full out war. And as far as revolutions go this was a discount price in the cost of blood. P.S. Ive always wanted to do a 5k.

Margaret Proffitt said...

I think completing a 5K is WAY cooler than being in Egypt for the revolution. Seriously, that is so awesome. Congrats!