Thursday, January 27, 2011


I kinda love this photo that a friend took of me with my iphone.
Staying up until 1 AM last night was not a good idea. Sometimes I do crazy things. Yes! for no Seminary tomorrow....I get to catch up on my sleep and I am sure my students are excited to get a break from their early duties. 

Ok who am I kidding, I'm kinda sad we are not having Seminary in the morning. Seriously you guys, no matter how spiritual the lesson, I somehow get asked random weird questions.  Today there was talk about how one of the boys would never wear his mom's clothes. I was so confused and could not help but laugh a little. I love 14 year olds.

I went to happy hour tonight at El Camino to celebrate at a going away party for a coworker who is on her way to her dream job. I am so sad she is leaving. I have no idea who I will talk dresses with. She was my dress girl.  E., you are an incredible gal and I am so lucky to have become friends with you.

Until next time xoxo.

2 Grass Lovers:

Anne said...

I like dresses! =)

Chris and Erin said...

Missing you already, Friend.