Monday, October 04, 2010

Weekend Update

We flew to San Francisco for the weekend. $66 round trip via Virgin America. 

I went shopping for boots in the Haight and the Mission and came back with vintage glass jars instead. I hate that I have huge feet.

Hung out with good friends and spent a huge chunk of time at Golden Gate Park.

And ate here, here, and here. We basically went to San Francisco to eat. I didn't get a single picture of anything that I ate.

We didn't go to the Wharf, Chinatown, or Union Square. We spent our time in places that I regret not spending more time in when we lived there. My excuses for not going to the city before were so lame.

I loved this weekend.

2 Grass Lovers:

Endless Days and Northern Nights said...

so freaking homesick now. so glad you got to go back!

Mammodouy's Stories said...

Good to have you back! What size are your feet? You may be lucky... instead of walking in vintage glass jars :)