Tuesday, April 06, 2010

First Sewing Project

For Christmas I got a rad sewing machine along with a fun sewing book from the cute boy. It was the motivation I needed to learn how to sew, so I signed up for a sewing class at one of my favorite fabric shops here in Seattle. It was a month course and we made the Amy Butler Swing Bag. I haven't had a chance to make the sash yet, but when I do I'll post more pictures.

The bag is reversible, which I really love! Two bags in one is really a brilliant idea. The bag wasn't too hard to make, although I was intimidated by it since it was my first real project. The pattern was hard for me to understand, so I was grateful that we went over it in class.

The class also taught me other sewing skills like hemming and making button holes. The fabric I picked out for the bag were from Amy Butler's August Fields and Love collection.

I missed my chance to sign up for the advanced sewing class, but I'm going to be signing up for the quilting class. Look at me being all domestic and stuff.

5 Grass Lovers:

Maggie Muggins said...

Way to go Layla! Look at you! Nice choice on the machine and what a great first project. It gets easier with each project, trust me!

ixoj said...

Very nice!!

Diana said...

LAYLA~! THAT IS ADORABLE. Can I pay you to make me one? I'm not kidding.

Holly said...

Love the bag! I bought an Amy Butler pattern for a bag that I have yet to make. I've also been working on my first quilt for about 4 years. I cut out a pattern for PJ pants and have yet to complete them...do we see a pattern here? Maybe someday I'll finish something I start :)

Learn How to Sew said...

That is really a great looking bag for your first project. You also selected some beautiful prints. It looks as though you have been sewing for quite a while. If others did as well as you on their first sewing project, they would be encouraged to continue to learn how to sew. Keep up the good work.