Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunsets (Guest Post-Brock)

As far as pictures go, there is nothing quite like a sunset. When the sun is at just the right angle, it gives diffused red-orange tones that are soft enough that they enhance the scene around you rather than simply lighting or drowning it out. Here are a few that I've captured over the past few years:

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Gas Works Park, Seattle

Outside our balcony in Ballard/Loyal Heights Seattle
(OK, maybe technically not a sunset but it's that time of day)

Somewhere in N. California

Black Mountain, Santa Cruz Mts., California

Also Black Mountain

San Francisco

Pacifica, California

Also Pacifica

Of course, there's nothing quite like being there either :)

Now if you want to see some real photography check out these Autumn scenes from the Boston Globe's "The Big Picture."

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Diana said...

I love your tags.

And I love the Pacifica Photos the most!