Saturday, July 04, 2009

To Shape and Mold

My major was the perfect fit for me. Mainly because of the people that I encountered. It was a rather small major and you grew and struggled with the same group of people for four long years. It really was perfect. I became who I am today because of those four years. I faced the most challenges, began to make my own decisions and questioned things more openly and rapidly. It was a time of discovery.

I developed the most incredible bond with the people I studied with. It was a bond I was lucky to even have. They became my anchor. We were kindred spirits, each person holding a significant purpose in each others lives. It's quite ironic that I meet each and every one of them in the language lab. It was literally our second home. Computers lined up with students sporting headphones and pronouncing Arabic, Spanish, French, and German words over and over again. We were all on a quest to learn a new language and we weren't going to quit until we mastered it.

I still can't figure out how I got to be so lucky. How was I able to encounter such brilliant people in such a short time? People who pushed me to search deeper in my soul and that encouraged me to become who I wanted to become.

I'll never forget how I mustered up the courage to talk to K. cause I was dying to know more about her. I had no idea why, but I wanted her to be my friend. She was tough,smart,curious, and a feminist. She did incredible things, went to amazing places, and inspired me to become more of a dreamer.

I meet A. at the lab while we were studying for an exam. She asked me if I was Arab and I told her yes. She told me she wanted to marry an Arab. I told her she better think about that one. She then invited me to go to Vegas. Just like that we became the best of friends. I went to her wedding and cried tears of joy. I've never cried so much during a wedding before. It was odd but strangely appropriate. She called me five months later and left me a frantic message telling me that she had applied to the CIA cause there was this THING growing inside of her. I had to re listen to it cause I wasn't sure if I heard her right. Yes, there was a THING growing inside of her. I was jealous. I wasn't sure why. I wasn't sure if I wanted a THING growing inside of me. Maybe it was her courage to take that leap. Maybe. She is now the mother of Eden. Yes, like the Garden of Eden.

The dude who calls himself Abe literally turned my outlook upside down. I was rather sheltered before I meet him. Sad story, but I was also judgmental. He made some hard choices and suffered for them. His story was mind blowing. A slap to my judgemental face. I never wanted to be my old self again. I was lucky to have meet him. I was lucky that he gave me a chance.

That's just a glimpse of the people I encountered. We took care of each other. When I had mono, I had food brought to me by college students every single night for a month. I've never heard of such a thing from young college students. I would have done the same for every single one of them.

I was lucky then, and I am lucky now. I was lucky to have meet them and I am lucky to still have them in my life. For every significant milestone, I know we will be there for each other. No matter how many miles that are between us.

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