Friday, March 27, 2009

So Here is the Story

OK so I have been lame. Really lame. I haven't blogged since January and to be honest I don't really feel bad about it. A lot has happened since then, and I'll back track some and blog about the cool stuff we did. It's been a pretty good run.

First, I should explain that we did move back to Seattle. Back in January, Brock came home and announced that he was ready to move on to a new job. His old job was not a good fit for him and he knew that little piece of info for a long time. So we debated. Do we stay in California where he would have to make a certain amount so we could afford to live there and pay our mortgage or do we go back to Seattle? We decided to give both a try and Seattle won.

So here we are back in Seattle. Brock has a job that he is sooooooooo in love with and he gets to be home every stinking day no later than 5:30 p.m. That's important to me. I now feel that I'm in a two person relationship instead of a one person relationship. California can be brutal sometimes.

Being back in Seattle has been good for me, cause really it is home. I'm not going to lie, I do miss California. The weather right now is kinda lame juice and I'm aching for a tan. I miss my girls too. The young women that I worked with were incredible and I'm 100% sure it's going to be hard to replace them. My heart is a little broken that I won't get to see them every Sunday but maybe once a year instead. I wonder all the time why we went to California, and what was the whole purpose of it all. I still don't know and most likely it will never really be clear. For now though, I think that we went there so I could work with those amazing girls. My faith is seriously a roller coaster ride and those girls taught me so much more than I taught them. They blew me away every Sunday with their insight and deep understanding of the gospel. People, they were 12 and 13 year olds and I was greatly humbled. So, I think I want to dedicate those 9 months of living in California to MY GIRLS. Cause they have forever changed me.

5 Grass Lovers:

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Welcome back! I hope you're here (in the blogosphere) to stay. We miss you in CA, though! Those girls will remember you forever. I remember all my YW leaders, especially the young, fun ones like you!

That is SO awesome about Brock loving his job and particularly about the hours. I'd kill for that! :)

Myrna said...

I thought that you had moved, from Facebook. So now I know! Did you guys move back into your same house, or had you sold it? I can't remember.

Nancy said...

Are not there little chapters in everybody's life, that seem to be nothing, and yet affect all the rest of the history?

--William Makepeace Thackeray in Vanity Fair

Of course those girls mean a lot to you, no matter how short a time you spent with them. :)

Christine said...

I understand how you feel. Why do I spend a year here, a few months there, etc.? I'm going through the same thing too. I'm glad Brock is happy. It's hard working a job you're not happy at. And you get to see him too. I hope life starts to blossom again where you are now. It always takes a little time to take root. Good luck! Sad we won't get to see you this summer in CA.

Renee said...

Are you really don't know? To meet me! Duh! And what about all the insight and humbleness that came from me? How quick we forget. :)