Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quick Update

  • We drove to Utah in under 14 hours.
  • I threw the most amazing bridal shower in all of time. Pictures to come.
  • I stayed up till four in the morning making flower arrangements, corsages,boutonnieres, and bouquets. At one point everything I did looked soo funny that Brock and I would laughed for hours. I think it was the lack of sleep and stress. Thanks to all those who helped out!
  • We almost died going to the Bountiful Temple in a snow storm. Our little car had a hard time making it up the very steep hill. Some of our family members had to park their car and hike up the hill and some had to hitch hike. It was an unforgettable event. My flowers looked AMAZING and the bride looked stunning! Stunning I tell ya!!!
  • We got to see some family that we had not seen in ages and I got to meet one of the cousin's new wife. She is pretty dang amazing. I proclaimed that she is my new best friend.
  • We had sushi with Brock's brother and his girlfriend along with Dana, the younger sister. We meet Cloe, the dog and received the most amazing Christmas gift from Dez-a painting of Flora.
So far we have had a good time with lots more to do. I promise to update with pictures. We have lots and lots of pictures!

2 Grass Lovers:

Myrna said...

I am glad you are having an amazing time here in all our snow! Glad you have been safe in spite of the snow!

Amie said...

I wanna know what the good news is that you heard! :)