Sunday, November 09, 2008

My 100th Post

Hooray! I finally made it to post 100. In honor of this moment, I will list 100 things that you probably don't know about me. Are you ready?

1. I weighed 5 pounds something other when I was born.
2. I was born two weeks late.
3. I'm the oldest of three full siblings and two half siblings.
4. Up until the recent move to California, I have moved every three years to a new city or new home.
5. On my dad's side of the family, I have over 50 cousins.
6. My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye.
7. When I was in College, I changed my major four times.
8. I majored in Psychology.
9. I majored in Spanish.
10. I majored in Linguistics.
11. I graduated in Middle Eastern Studies.
12. I trained for a half marathon.
13. I fell on a treadmill while I was training for the half marathon.
14. I never ran that half marathon.
15. I lived in Amman, Jordan.
16. I lived in Zarqa, Jordan.
17. I lived in Shreveport, LA.
18. I lived on a farm in Hall Summit, LA.
19. I lived in West Monroe, LA.
20. I lived in Rexburg, ID.
21. I lived in Provo, UT.
22. I lived in Seattle, WA.
23. Now I live in a city right outside of San Fransisco called Foster City.
24. I attended La Tech.
25. I attended BYU-I.
26. I graduated from BYU.
27. I attended all three of those universities during my freshman year.
28. I meet my husband when I was 14.
29. I married him when I was 20.
30. I got married in the Manti LDS Temple.
31. I have been married for 4 years.
32. I don't have children.
33. I am a convert to the LDS faith.
34. I joined the church when I was 12.
35. I was raised as a Muslim.
36. I am half Arab.
37. I am a daughter.
38. I am a wife.
39. I am a daughter in law.
40. I am a sister.
41. I am a sister in law.
42. I am a mother... to an 11 year old cat.
43. I am a granddaughter.
44. I am a niece.
45. I am a youth leader at church.
46. I am a friend.
47. I am an aunt.
48. I am a registered Democrat.
49. I voted for Barack Obama, and I am really proud of it.
50. I feel inspired by him.
51. I am a little bit of a tree hugger.
52. I recycle almost everything that can be recycled.
53. If I hear one more person tell me that throwing away trash is just as economical as recycling I might have to scream.
54. I recycle because this earth was given to me to take care of it, not to destroy it.
55. I am a newbie vegetarian.
56. I really don't like meat that much so I thought I would give the veggie diet a try.
57. I really don't like peaches.
58. I really love pumpkin.
59. When it comes to ice creams and frozen yogurt, I prefer the fruity kind.
60. I could live off of hummus and pita bread.
61. I don't like cooked carrots very much.
62. I don't like cake very much.
63. I love cheese cake though.
64. I want to have at least 2 kids.
65. I don't want more than four kids.
66. I refuse to have three kids.
67. I never crawled.
68. Because I never crawled, I lack some serious motor skills.
69. Whatever I do with my right hand, I have to do the same thing with my left hand.
70. I have ADD.
71. I have dyslexia in Arabic.
72. But not in English.
73. I love the Smashing Pumpkins.
74. I despise Bjork.
75. I have recently become a crafty person.
76. I can't cut a straight line.
77. I can't draw a straight line, even with a ruler.
78. My favorite color is red.
79. My least favorite color is purple.
80. When I sleep, I grind my teeth.
81. I also sleep walk.
82. I love sushi.
83. I love diet pepsi.
84. I'm not a big fan of diet coke.
85. Today I found out that I really like cheese and honey.
86. I own a rather large collection of nail polish.
87. One of my favorite pass times is taking bubble baths.
88. One of my best friends is sleep. Oh how I adore thee!
89. I hate roller coasters.
90. I lived in Utah for four years and never went skiing.
91. I attempted snow boarding.
92. I really love running.
93. I hope one day that I can run a marathon.
94. When I have kids, I think I might try out the whole natural birthing.
95. I was in a major car accident when I was 11 years old and I shattered my elbow.
96. Part of my elbow is fake.
97. When I was seven, I cut the tip of my finger off.
98. I own a really cute house in Seattle.
99. I'm really excited about my future.
100. I really love writing blogs!

If you read all of that congratulations, that was a lot to take in!

2 Grass Lovers:

ixoj said...

That is SO interesting to me that you're dyslexic in Arabic, but not in English! I wonder why that is- maybe Arabic uses the other side of your brain. Or maybe it's because it's backwards from

Oh. And if you like cheese and honey, I HIGHLY recommend goat chese and honey, especially when you put a bit of cheese on a little baguette and then broil it until it's light brown and then drizzle honey over the top. It's delish.

Amie said...

catching up here...i loved reading this!!