Saturday, November 08, 2008

Flora Da Explorer

I know she is just a cat but this little kitty has taught me alot about being a mother. When we first got her, I told Brock I would do everything in my power to keep her alive. I've taken her to the vet for checkups a total of 3 times, had her teeth cleaned, and I monitor her food intake (she is a bit round, like the shape of a bowling ball). If she has any change in behavior it kinda scares me and I keep a hawk's eye on her. Last time I took her into the vet, I was convinced she was sick, they told me nothing was wrong with her, I still had a hard time believing. There are times at night I wake up to check to see if she is breathing ok. I know, I've gone off the deep end...

Flora also has taught me lots of patience. She follows me around everywhere and can be quite demanding. She is always craving my attention and sometimes I just want to be left alone. She won't go to sleep unless we are asleep, she won't drink water from the faucet (it has to be filtered), and she has to be feed every morning at a certain time or it will get ugly. She can be a pain, but I love her all the same. Now lets hope that my future children don't behave the same way; I really might lose it.

2 Grass Lovers:

Diana said...

Richard won't drink from the faucet either.
He has to be fed at a certain time, or things get ugly.
And he's also going to be shaped like a bowling ball someday.

Cats and husbands are so alike as well.

Layla said...

Diana, that's pretty dang funny!