Tuesday, October 07, 2008

J is for Jacob Black's Hometown

This post is to make all you Twilight fans super jealous of me. If you don't know what Twilight is, then you are missing out. You should read the books ASAP. I'm being for real. You are totally missing out.

When Brock and I went up to Seattle, we went on a little side trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Mainly because I really wanted to go to Forks. I convinced Brock to go by showing him tons of pictures of that area and committed to hike miles and miles if he took me. Brock is really outdoorsy, me, not so much.

First Beach

So we headed up to this town and I was able to make my life complete by SEEING the places in these book. Forks sucked but Jacob Black's hometown was AWESOME. La Push, WA is now one of my all time favorite places. It's breath taking and magical.

On our way up to La Push we saw a bear cub crossing the street. I wasn't fast enough to take it's picture. Maybe next time. When we arrived, we had dinner at the only restaurant and then walked out to First Beach. First Beach is mentioned in the book and it's your typical North Pacific coast beach. It was covered in these rainbow colored rocks that I thought were pretty awesome. I collected tons of them to give to my fellow Twilight friends.

Then we were off to Second Beach. In order to get to Second Beach, you had to hike through a forest. It was an easy hike, kinda like a stroll through the forest. Then we got to the most amazing beach that I have ever been to. Tons of drift wood line the edge of the beach and you had to climb over them to get to the beach itself.

I was told that if you hike out a bit to the rocks and the ocean, you would find star fish and other sea creatures. I took off for the rocks and was excited when I found out that it was indeed true! It was truly an amazing sight. There were starfish everywhere. Moments like this one helped me to learn how to love nature and become more outdoorsy.

Our next stop was Third Beach. Just like Second Beach, you had to hike through a rain forest to get to it. This hike was a lot longer and steeper.

Third Beach was a lot sandier than the other two. While we were here, I saw a whale peek it's tail up, a dead sea lion, and a bald eagle. Seriously, the bald eagle flew right by me and I look up and was in amazement of what I saw.

All in all, Jacob Black's hometown rocked my world and made me appreciate nature a lot more. Now I'm eager to explore nature in California!

7 Grass Lovers:

Amie said...

Haven't gotten into Twilight, but it sounds great. Those beaches look AMAZING! I can't wait to go back to the Seattle area one day, it really is beautiful up there.

ixoj said...

That's beautiful!

Brock said...

By the way, in that last pic, thats a bald eagle staring at me in the very center (it's not easy to see).

Amie said...

ooooo i see it!!!

Endless Days and Northern Nights said...

I'm so glad you read them and LOVED them and I can't believe it....it looks just like I imagined!

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Ooh, it really is beautiful! And I'll have a much better mental visual next time I read the books!

leah said...

Wow, beautiful! I want to go to First, Second, and Third Beach. I'm still only on the 2nd book- New Moon. I started reading it when I randomly had a dream with Edward in it one night. Very random because it had been about a year since I read the first book.