Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oh California What You Do to Me!

There are three things I do everyday since I have moved here.

1. Read a lot. More than usual. In the last month I've read about 15 books. Is my brain sharper? Ahhh who knows!

2. Spend as much time as possible by the pool. Of course I'm reading. I have a beautiful tan. Brock says that if I don't stop it people are going to think I am from Ethiopia.

3. Listen to music on You Tube. I've become a fan of Blue October and a random band called The Magic Numbers.

For your enjoyment I'm going to post my new favorite songs.

3 Grass Lovers:

Brock said...

The Magic Numbers lol... thats coder jargon btw.

Brock said...

Well, ok, MAYBE but maybe not:

Diana said...

We miss you.