Sunday, March 09, 2008

Marble Mania

Last night Brock and I hung out with a couple from our ward. Tiffny and I planned on making marble magnets and before you know it, the boys joined in on the fun. I first got the idea from not martha.
To make these lovely little thing, you will need some flat marbles (found in the floral section), strong round magnets, pictures, and silicon sealant. I spent my whole Saturday morning going from one craft store to another trying to find silicon sealant. No one at the craft store seemed to know what that was. To save any one from having that issue, buy e6000 medium viscosity clear. Make sure that it is clear otherwise the glue will show. For complete instructions, visit not martha. She gives pretty good step by step instructions. I'm not at all crafty and I had tons of fun making these.
Micheal's had really cute tins to put them in. The tins were a dollar a piece and I couldn't resist. All of my pictures came from magazines. I'm sure that any pictures would work. I think they would make really cute birthday, Easter, Christmas or just because gifts. I'm also thinking about gluing them to push pins and large paper clips. The possibilities are endless!

5 Grass Lovers:

nicole said...

What a fun surprise to find a comment from you on my blog! It sure has been a while!
Thank you for your kind words. You and Brock are great people...looks like life is treating you well.

I love that cute magnet idea. Very creative!

Lets keep in touch!

Brock said...

I gotta give you props for using a site called "not martha." That's awesome.

Arielle said...

My aunt made one of these for me years ago and I always intended to try it and now I know how! Where did you get that crazy glue stuff?

Livi said...

How cute! What a good gift idea!

Anonymous said...

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