Thursday, January 31, 2008

Please don't make me take that!

Last Saturday we took our kitty to the vet for her boaster shot and for some blood work. The minute she saw her crate we thought she was going to have a heart attack. Brock had her sit in his lap to calm her down a bit before we put her in the crate. The whole entire time her eyes were fixated on the crate.
We managed to put her in there with no horrifying issues and we were off to the vet. Flora was on her best behavior. She didn't even growl and hiss when they shoved a thermometer up her bottom. The vet recommended that we run some tests on her for Bartonella and for FIV (cat aids). Flora allowed them to draw her blood with no problem at all. I think she was looking forward to going home as soon as possible.
The test results came in yesterday and there was good news and bad news. Yes she was negative for FIV but she was positive for Bartonella. No worries, it was curable. All we had to do is give her some medicine for the next 21 days.
Today I head over to the vet to pick up her meds and they give me specific instructions on how to administrate it to her. It's a liquid and it had to be administrated through a syringe. Now I know that there is no way that Flora wold EVER allow me to open her mouth and insert anything in it.
So we come up with the most ridiculous solution. We get an old t-shirt and somehow convince her to let us put her head through one of the arm holes. Then we wrap her up like a baby so the only thing that we really have to worry about is controlling her head.
Next we somehow have to find a way to convince her to open her dang mouth! It was a struggle, but once I got the medicine in her mouth she actually liked it.
Most of it landed all over her face and not in her mouth. Not to worry, she didn't mind licking it all up.

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