Saturday, April 07, 2007


Last night Brock and I had dinner with his old roommate and his wife. They are the coolest people in the world and I really hope that they move to Seattle so I can have a friend. Most of all of Brock's co-workers got internships at Amazon so he will have friends....BUT no friends for me. Any ways so I would LOVE for Maggie and Reno to be there.
So Maggie is pregnant and she is due in a week. Poor girl, I felt her pain. You could tell that she was gonna have the baby at any moment now. We were sitting there talking and you would look at her belly and watch the baby move. It was kinda cool but freaked the heck out of me. I also got to feel the baby. I've never done that before.
Maggie was telling us all about her experiences being prego and what not and I'm not sure if that is what I want right now. Honestly it kinda freaked me out.
So I have decided that I will be getting a dog. A beagle. So I can have the joy of being responsible and not have to go through all that pain.
Maybe and I mean maybe one day I will get the courage to have a kid. But for now I will be just fine with a dog.

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