Thursday, December 29, 2005

the love of my life

My whole family is together and it is the best feeling ever. I have had so much fun with them and I would not trade a single one of them for anything. My two year old niece is darling and has quite a prissy attitude. She is such a girl.... but the cutest little girl i have ever seen. I have had tons of fun with her and every time I am around her I am rolling around the floor with laughter. My younger brother is my inspiration. He is truly mature with an amazing understanding of life. I am so blessed to finally get to know him better and to become good friends. I have never meet a 17 year old boy with such kindness and sincerity as him. He has a lot going for him and someday he will make a a wonderful father and husband. My sister is crazy as heck and she is full of energy and pazzaz. It is always interesting to listen to her talk about her insane life and wonder if I could ever become as daring as her. My mother is one of my best friends. I love going shopping with her or baking cookies or doing whatever. We have a mutual understanding of when we need our space and when we need each other. She has been my rock when I needed someone the most. During college she kept me going by sending me hand written letters, cards and care packages. There is nothing as wonderful as receiving a letter in the mail from someone you love and cares for you deeply. So I'm saving the best for last. I am so grateful to be married to such an amazing understanding human being. I have never known someone to be so forgiving and strong willed as Brock. He makes me smile and laugh and most importantly just be myself. I have put him through hell and back but he has never given up on me.
I hope and pray that when I have my own little family that they will inherit the traits of my family. I hope that my children are willing to give up their Christmas money or a paycheck to help someone else out. I hope that my children are not selfish and have an understanding of how the world really is. I want them to know that there is more to life than having a girlfriend/boyfriend or just walking around feeling sorry for themselves. I want my children to know the importance of life... being forgivable, cherishing little moments, and to use their imagination to make their lives colorful.

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Diana said...

i like this post from 3 years or more ago.
Also, isn't it crazy to note how your family may have changed from then?