Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh Hi!

Heeelllooooo blog world! It's been awhile.

You all know that I quit my job and then the day after I got snowed in. There were peeps skiing down my street. I'm not making this stuff up. I was in complete awe at the insanity. I love snow days but not this time around. I had made plans to have a week break of vacation on the Oregon coast before I started my new job and that had to be adjusted. We did make it to the coast and I was stoked. That place is stunning and I hope to go back when it's warm and sunny, I froze my buns off.

I started my new job on Wednesday and on the first day I was like oh crap what kind of shiz did I get myself into. I had no idea what the heck was going on and I kept breaking stuff. I felt like I sat in on almost every meeting held at the company (it's small, like 30 peeps). At one meeting someone asked me my opinion and I was like umm I've only been here for 5 hours, but here is what I think. It was awesome and they appreciated it. I'm feeling all kinds of emotions, but mainly excitement.

My days have become pretty long and packed. Seminary, work, gym, Seminary prep, sleep. I'm such a rockstar at it but I'm going to have to adjust my schedule a bit so I won't get burned out. Seminary and finding time to train for a half marathon is hard work. 

It's 2 AM and I'm pretty sure this post does not make any sense.

Until next time.

3 Grass Lovers:

Michelle said...

Can't wait to hear about your new job on Weds!!

mollycolleen said...

You're going to be great, Layla. I'm so excited for your new adventure! I want to hear all about it. Bookgroup on Saturday?

Pretty Zesty said...

congrats on your new job. It's a great feeling and scary at the same time. the best!