Thursday, March 24, 2011

The North Shore

On our second day in Oahu, we drove up to the North Shore and I instantly fell in love with the area. It's exactly how I pictured it to be.

We first grabbed lunch at one of the only restaurants in one of the towns that dotted the shore. I had a burger, and well it  was a burger. We also grabbed some shaved ice at Aoki's.

Check out my hideous sunburn

Then we made our way to Waimea beach to play in the ocean and maybe build up some courage to jump of the giant rock. We were only there for about 40 min before it started to pour rain! We decided to call it a day and find some fresh local fruit instead.

On our way to search for a fruit stand, Cute Boy stopped to take some pictures of an old  burned down building.

Hunger struck (or maybe just our eyes) and we stopped at Giovanni's shrimp truck and devoured the garlic shrimp plate.

Oh North Shore, how I loved you!

1 Grass Lovers:

Nicci said...

This looks wonderful! I'm glad you got to go and have a fun time!