Monday, October 18, 2010

What's in your food?

Last night I made a completely organic/local dinner. All the ingredients came from the farmers market from the day before. We usually buy all of our produce/meat from the market and have done so for quite sometime. All it took was for me to watch Food Inc and I was done roaming the aisles of the grocery store.  If you have yet to watch it you really should; it's a complete eye opener.

In general the Boy and I cook together. It's our time to talk about our day and I look forward to it every night. Sometimes when he is not in the mood, he sits at the bar and watches me and we chat about different things. Last night he did just that. 

While I was chopping my organic cauliflower I hear him yell "Stop! WHAT IS THAT?!"

"Ahh it's cauliflower." I continue to chop and ignore his random outburst.

"No Layla, What is that?" the Boy points at the cauliflower and then I see what he is freaking out about. It's a huge worm.

I laugh and ask him if this has changed his mind about eating organically. Clearly he is freaked out about the worm.

I rinse the worm out into the sink on go on with my business of chopping. I look over at him and he has a look of confusion on his face.

"L, what did you do with the worm?"

"I threw it down the garbage disposal." Awkward moment of silence. 

I look over at him and say "What do you want me to pull it out and set it free?"

I clearly knew that is what he wanted me to do by the look on his face. So I did it and he went outside and freed it over the balcony.

As he is coming back in he says "Do you think worms land on their feet?"

Silly boy.

5 Grass Lovers:

Mammodouy's Stories said...

Oh,I love this story!

So sweet! And so funny at the same time!

It's really hard to find true organic food in Paris and/or Brittany. The other day, I went to what we call the 'bio' market by JC's place. The apples were coming from Chile! It really freaked me out!

Thinking about both of you almost everyday i.e. every time I go past the Rodin Museum!

Love from France

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

I need to watch Food Inc. Though I'm totally scared that I'll never want to go to the grocery store after I do. I have switched to free range chicken and other things like that.

Jenni Boyle said...

Layla, cute story. Also, thanks for following my blog. I love yours and I keep trying to get sami into blogging. He would probably only blog about how great england is and how much he misses it. He is so funny.

Nancy said...

Ahaha! That's so funny. I'm impressed you fished it out for him!

Brock said...

Ok, actually we thought it was a SLUG. Which is little more gross than a caterpillar, which it turned out to be. Can you imagine taking a bite into a slug? Or having slug goo in your garbage disposal? :)