Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have an obsession for journals and note books. I never write in them though, I just collect them like a mad woman. I know, I have issues.

Since the holidays are around the corner, and if you are inclined to gift someone with a journal, here are my top picks to help you out. Dear Cute Boy, I would love to find one of these under the tree this year!

Reach For Something Larger Than You Will Ever Know, $10 for a 3 pack. Via Scout Books. Scout Books is a Portland based company that uses recycled paper and soy based inks. They have free shipping and if you are of the creative type, you can design your own notebooks/journals. A creative wedding favor maybe?

Small Leather Journal, $14. Via in Blue Shop.  I love the vintage suitcases. You can also ask them to custom stamp your journal with whatever you fancy!

Apollo at Go, $15. Via Attic Journals. Journals that are made out of old books, genius idea! I actually own one of their creations and I love it. I always get compliments. I bought mine at Urban Craft Uprising, but they are available at some local bookstores and on line.

Rustic Dark Brown Leather Journal, $15. Via Udomsuk. I am nuts over this journal. I love the rustic look, the color and the size. So dreamy. Udomsuk also carries other charming journals that I have my eye on like this, this, and this.

So what do you think? Which one would you want to give/receive this holiday?

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Renee said...

You are so frickin cool! I love your style!