Thursday, September 16, 2010

These boots are made for walking

I've been wanting a pair of riding boots for a couple of years now. I really should have bought some last year before I went to Paris.

I have a specific pair that I want but holy hannah are they pricey! But if they last for 25+ years, than why not?

So it has come down to two boots. The dream boot and a much cheaper very similar looking boot.

OTBT Petaluma Riding Boots $195

 I actually purchased these boots from Endless simply to try them on. Endless had a 20% off coupon along with free overnight shipping. Their return policy is amazing so really I had nothing to lose. The boots arrived yesterday and they really are beautiful.They also fit over my calves with jeans on. Main reason why I wanted boots was to wear them with jeans.  I'm not sure that I like them more than the dream boot though.

Frye Melissa Button Boot $317
 THE DREAM BOOT! They are pricey! But has a 15% off coupon and with free shipping it would bring the price down to $270. I tried them on in Nordstrom and they were so dreamy. Super nice leather inside and out. I know that they would last for a very very long time.The only draw back and this is a huge draw back is that they were a little tight around my calves and I had leggings on. I'm going to go back and try them on with skinny jeans to see if there would be a chance that they would go over my legs. I know that high quality leather will stretch over time, but what if they don't stretch enough?

What's a girl to do? Buy both? Ha

3 Grass Lovers:

Mammodouy's Stories said...

I would but only because I'm an old lady! I'm addicted to shoes! Welcome to the club!
Great boots by the way. They are not cheaper in France.

ixoj said...

Buy them both!

Ok, if you MUST choose, buy the ones that fit more comfortably over your calves. I have such a hard time finding boots that don't squish my legs (thanks Irish dancing!), and it's very unpleasant. Get the ones that feel good.

Myrna said...

Hah! I can never wear boots because my legs are too skinny, and the boots always flop around! Lucky you, that you can wear one pair or two if you want to!