Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Friday, I'm in love!

Things I am lovin' today....

My new rad red flats from Target. Gosh I love them...

This awesome new nail polish color.

Finding this photo on my phone. I laughed so hard. Please don't hate me girls! I love you guys :)
Taking pictures of myself with the front facing camera on the iphone 4. So far I am in love.  A full review to come soon. 
And hangin' out with these two. Super old picture, but none the less things haven't changed.

P.S. I am totally beyond addicted to this blog. Finally a glimpse into a dude's mind. A part of me feels like it's not for real though. But whatever it's genius and I heart it. 
P.S.S. Tomorrow I am going to Vancouver. Oh Canada!

1 Grass Lovers:

wendy said...

I bought the same shoes this week!! we're twinners!