Friday, October 16, 2009

Guest Post-Michelle

Michelle and I worked on the same team at back in the day when I was a  working gal. Michelle moved to Seattle from San Fransisco and gave me all the inside scope on the Bay area before I moved there. Because of her insight,I ate the best veggie burritos and lived in a nice little town. She is a lover of music and good food and her blog, It is what it is documents her adventures as a hip, young professional in the rainy city of Seattle.

Meet Mo.  Cutest Puppy Ever.

A few days ago I was showing a couple friends the rooftop garden of my
apartment building.  It has a great view of the Space Needle and
wanted my friends to get some pictures from the garden..  Even though
there are barbeques and tables, most people go there to walk their
dogs there.  After 15 minutes of picture taking we were ready to leave
when we ran into Mo.  As you can see he is a-dorable

When I was growing up we always had dogs.  First we had a dog that
looked like Lassie (I don’t remember its name, I wasn’t even 5 then.)
Then we had Fritz and Rubbles, two Doberman Pinschers that were
outside dogs, and ended up giving them away after a few months.  The
last dog we had was Oreo. He was previously a neighbor’s dog but was
moving to a place that did not allow dogs.  My dad felt sorry for him
so we kept him.  Oreo was also an outside dog that looked like Benji
but was black and gray with white hair on his chest.  Thinking back my
dad was the one that always took care of our dogs, like all kids, I
didn’t have to do much to take care of it.

A few of my friends have dogs and now I am itching to get one. But
when I say I want a dog, the first thing everyone says is how much
responsibility they are and how your life changes when you have a pet.
It’s like they are talking about having a kid!  I would feel bad if my
dog had to stay in a crate or be penned up in the kitchen all day
long. I have a neighbor whose dog literally cries all day long when
its owner is away.  It’s sad.  Even though Seattle is a very pet
friendly city, if and when I move back, I’d have to get a place that
allowed dogs, which is harder to do in SF.

The smart thing for me to do is to get a dog when I settle down and
live in a more permanent place.  Until then, I’ll go nuts over Mo and
the other puppies in the building.   But when it’s time to clean up
their mess, I’ll give them back to their owner.  It’s almost like
holding a baby and then passing them back when they start to cry to
need to get changed. ..well sort of.

2 Grass Lovers:

Gabrielle Valentine said...

Dogs are such hard work but they do give you such rewards and memories. They are such great companions. That dog IS adorable!

Michelle said...

Hi Gabrielle. It's Michelle thanks for commenting. Mo is too cute. He's going to be a monster when get gets bigger, just look at those paws!