Friday, August 14, 2009

Bring on the Next Five Years

When Brock and I were first married, I always wondered what life would be like in five years. I had a really hard time figuring it out, I could hardly imagine it. Since I have lived those five years, I can honestly say that there was no possible way that I could have remotely dreamed up all that has happened. We reached some big milestones together through happiness and heartache. We have had experiences that most 25 and 27 year old don't usually have. We graduated school together, traveled to brilliant places, moved to some of the most amazing cities, bought a home, added a cat and bought a car. We've experience the lose of loved ones, changing of jobs, and the pain of bad choices.

Every single experience that I have had with Brock is the result of our own choices. Choices that have taken hard work to make them happen. If I have learned anything, it is to never give up and enjoy what is given to you. That and to always take a risk, the risk might be life changing.

Can I imagine what the next five years will be like? Not really. But I hope in the next five years we can embark into parenthood, start and finish grad school and travel the world a little more.

All in all, I've been blessed with the most amazing life I could have ever wanted. I wouldn't have it any other way.

4 Grass Lovers:

Diana said...

You are so poetic. Truly.
Happy 5 years!
You should make 5 year predictions to open @ your tenth!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary! It's so true that life ends up how you never imagined it would, isn't it!?

You guys are so great together! :)

Sonja said...

You crazy kids! Happy is the woman who can look back fondly and look forward eagerly.

Congrats on five years well lived!

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

aww, congrats!!