Monday, November 10, 2008

I Heart Grandmothers

I never knew any of my grandfathers but I knew both of my grandmothers. Let me tell you, I LOVE grandmothers. They spoil you rotten and hardly ever get angry with you. When I married Brock, I inherited three AWESOME grandmas who were super excited for me to marry their grandson. Besides, on both sides Brock was the first grandson to get married and the first grandchild's wedding that both grandmothers were able to attend.

First off I would like you to meet my grandmothers and then I will introduce you to Brock's grandmothers.

By the way that is me in the picture as a 2 day old baby

This is my Granny, my mom's mother. Besides being the coolest Avon lady on the block she adored me. I followed her around like a lost puppy. Where ever she went, I went. She also taught me some important life lessons. When she found out that she was dying of cancer and was terribly ill, she let me pretend to be her Dr. At one point in my childhood I wanted to actually become a Dr. so I could heal people like my Granny. I loved her with all my heart and she was one of my idols. She still is. Right before she died, she had me come in to her room and we talked for hours about all of the fun times and the things that she had taught me. She died when I was seven. I will NEVER forget that day. I was heartbroken. I lost a dear friend. I think of her often and I know she is proud of me. I'm pretty sure she would have adored Brock.

Meet my Jedah, my fathers mother. Just like my Granny, my Jedah also adored me. She would take me to the market with her and buy me dried figs. She also taught me how to cook some of her famous dishes and had a certain boy already picked out for me to marry. CRAZY. She passed away when I was 16. I hadn't talked to her for about 4 years and she past away with out me telling her goodbye. I felt awful for years, but I know that she still loves me regardless. When she passed away, I inherited one of her traditional Palestinian dresses. Sometimes I pull it out of my trunk just so I can smell it. It still smells like her and it brings back alot of memories.

I would like to introduce you to Grandma Judkins. She was the first of Brock's grandmothers that I meet. We spent the first two of our Thanksgiving and all of the summer holidays with her. This lady was an awesome cook and boy did she ever love to craft. She taught me how to make her famous whole wheat waffles and rolls. Every time we visited I begged her to make those rolls. SO YUMMY. She also sparked my interest in card making. Never really was interested in it until she showed me how it all worked. She passed away in 2006 and I miss her alot.

This is Grandma Heiss. She is Brock's mother's mother. This woman is indeed passionate about life and is always on the go. She serves, serves, serves. She adores her family more than anything. Grandma Heiss has gone through a lot in her life and if there is one word to describe her it would be a survivor. She can make the worst situation into the best situation. I've never heard her complain about how hard her life was. Grandma Heiss is a hard worker and always moves forward. She makes the best of the situation. ALSO the woman got her MBA when she was in her 50's. Seriously. Today is Grandma Heiss's birthday and I hope she had an awesome day. We love you Grandma!

Finally, this is Brock's great grandmother, Grandma Ricks. This lovely lady is 97 years old. She will be 98 in February. She has out lived 3 husbands ( i think). Grandma Ricks lives on a beautiful cattle farm in Sugar City, ID. She loves to knit hats and she tells some pretty awesome stories. The woman is totally independent and will refuse any sort of help. She is hilarious and always seems to be in high spirits. She once told me that she was going to outlive President Hinckly, and when she did, she smiled and said "I told you so!"

All of these woman had hard times in their lives and they all endured to the end (in same cases are still enduring). They love their families with all their might and it shows through their serves to them. I hope that when I gracefully grow old, I can be a grandma just like them.

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This is one of my favorite posts of yours. Thanks for writing :)