Thursday, October 02, 2008

I is for Indie Rock Concert

When we were up in Seattle, Judkins and I had the opportunity to go to Bumbershoot. Bumbershoot is an Indie festival with some amazing art and bands. The headliner for that day was Beck and boy was I excited to see him! I've seen him before, and homeboy knows how to rock it.

The last time I saw Beck

Before Beck we walked around and saw Band of Horses. They were actually pretty good. Some dude got the lead signer to say "We have some special people here tonight and Jonny wants to ask Jenna a question!" Yes, Jonny proposed to Jenna in front of thousands of people. People awed and I gagged...Seriously I would have been soo angry if Brock did that!

Band of Horses

As we were waiting for Beck to come out, we managed our way to the stage. I was so excited to be so close. Then it hit me like a rock. I HAD TO GO TO THE BATHROOM. I kept quite about this because I didn't want to disappoint Brock. Then he had to ask! Why oh why did he ask??!! I said yes, but I think I can hold it. I couldn't disappoint the boy! But we still had 45 min till the show and the show was 2+ hours long. AHH the agony. And it didn't help much that some dude was poking me with his elbow the whole time!

Beck finally came out and it was amazing! I get all giddy when I see famous people. I don't know what it is. The show was awesome. They totally rocked it. And I managed to somehow party like a rock star while I desperately needed to go to the bathroom.

Can you tell how close we were?

Once the show was over I booked it to the nearest bathroom. I didn't go though, cause they had no toilet paper. No toilet paper, no deal. I know crazy. So I not only held it for 3 hours, but also through traffic. Man oh man. All in all it was an awesome night!

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