Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Paris of the West

Last weekend the Brockster and I went up to what we call "the city." San Francisco is probably one of my favorite places on earth. We moved to a little town just south of it and I had been eagerly waiting to go. It was a beautiful day and since our car was in the shop we planned our way up to the city. We had to walk to the train station from our condo. Brock does this everyday so I was pretty sure it wouldn't be bad at all. It landed up feeling like it was going to take forever to get there! It turns out that the station is actually a mile and half away. Brock kept that to himself until we got there. Great, we are going to have to walk that back.
The train finally arrives and I am super excited to get there. When we arrive I soon realize the the station is actually a ways to any where I want to go. Yes, 3 miles to where I want to go. No worries though, I was in the city and ready to soak it all up.
We walked along the Embarcadero and our first stop was at this weird massive spider statue that I thought was charming enough to take a picture with. The Embarcadero is a road that runs along the San Fransisco Bay that takes you to the Ferry building,Pier 39, and the Wharf. It also has some amazing views of the Bay Bridge.
Off the Embarcadero, we headed toward the heart of the city and made our way to China Town. This is by far the best China Town I have ever been to. We didn't spend much time here because I was eager to go to the places I haven't seen before. So we went through North Beach to get to Russian hill to climb up the famous Lombard Street. By the time we got to it and I saw the step hill I had to climb and I was ready to give up. I was very tired but decided that it was worth the climb.Lombard Street is definitely a sight to see. As you climb up the crooked street, you are able to look across and see the breathtaking view of Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower. After hanging out at Lombard street, we made our way down to the Cannery where we walked through someones wedding reception to find
Steve and Barry's. Steve and Barry's is a shop that I had been dying to go to since I heard that everything there was $8.95.
I didn't find anything I liked, but I'm sure that I will be back. Brock and I decided that we were starving and it was time to eat some grub. We walked through the Wharf and could not make up our minds on what to get. There were tons of crab stands, but we decided on clam chowder from Boudin's Bakery. It was good but way over priced. Everything at the Wharf is over priced and touristy. Lesson learned, don't eat at the Wharf any more. Next time we will do better research and find a restaurant off the beaten path. Just as the sun began to set over the golden gate bridge, we decided it was time to head back home. We thought about making the 3 mile track back to the train station, but decided that the bus was a much better idea. We did after all have to walk a mile and half back to our condo. It was a brilliant trip and I look forward to going back soon. Next time I think we will drive and explore places that the locals hang out at.

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Michael Family said...

Yay! I love the city! I can't believe you walked all those places. That is far. There is a ton more to do. If you ever run out of ideas call me. Also buy a Zagat guide for restaurants. Best thing I ever did.

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