Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Where I Am From

I am from desert sand and tumble weeds, hot air and cold nights.
I am from scrubbing floors, babies, and cousins that I don't even know.
I am from late nights of coffee drinking and fortune telling,
listening to the call of prayer in the early morning.

I am from open spaces and thick trees,
miles and miles to civilization.
I am from fried green tomatoes and corn bread, eaten on the front porch swing,
crickets chirping and fresh cut grass.
I am from heavy coated accents, a division of black, white, and brown.

I'm from a new religion and an old religion; both intertwined with drives of guilt and shame.
The foundations control me and  push me away.
Motherhood is my only divine role and men have the final say.
I push the boundaries in search of freedom, only to have the noose tightened.
I am a misfit and a rebel with fear of abandonment.

I am from my mother and my father.
I am from two cultures that fit together, 
two cultures that collide.  

6 Grass Lovers:

Mammodouy's Stories said...

Wow. Impressive piece, dear Layla. You don't write often but when you do, you make a hit of it. So powerful and moving. You are such a superb young woman, Layla-from-two-cultures.

Myrna said...

Wow x two, Layla. Great piece.

Martha said...

THAT WAS AWESOME. Mmmm, yeah. I get it.

Amy said...

Wow! Love it, Layla.

Whitney Hardie said...


Unknown said...

As a lover of poetry, I REALLY love this. Probably my favorite post of yours ever.