Monday, September 17, 2012

I can't shake this feeling

The other night I was shuffling along in my kitchen while CB was sitting at the bar and I sighed really loud. He asked what's up and I explained to him that I just didn't know, I couldn't shake this feeling that I had.

"I'm just so bored with my life!" I murmured.  He chuckled and said "Same here, I've had this odd feeling for awhile."

So we sat there and thought of ideas to make our lives so un-boring.
We could buy a new TV!
Fancy car?
Save up for a house!
Move to another apt...another city...another state...another country!
Start a family? We thought about it for two minutes and both said "nah" at the same time. Terrifying territory...for so many reasons. Although, we are in a better state now than we have ever been to make this happen.
More yoga, more running, more crossfit. 

We debunked everything and still was not able to pinpoint what could shake things up.

One of CB's cousin told me that if she could be me for just one week it would be the best thing ever! I was like umm nope, you don't want to be me...I live a BORING life.

I shared my boredom situation with one of my coworkers and she just laughed at me. "You are the busiest person I know! You are constantly going to concerts, doing yoga, running, crossfit, a million book clubs, church stuff, traveling. For crying out loud you are going to Italy!"


Man, I sounded so pathetic. I just don't understand why I can't shake this feeling. No matter what I do, I just have this pit of a feeling that won't go away. In the last couple of years I have worked really hard to accomplish several goals. Both CB and I set some goals that we knew would take ALOT of time and energy to accomplish. Now that those are accomplished,  I'm left shuffling my feet.

Maybe it is time to set some new goals? Does anyone else ever go through this? Suggestions?


I am such a complainer. Someone punch me already.

3 Grass Lovers:

RORYJEAN said...

Having kids has made boredom impossible. I'm not saying that it's in a good way- I am just too busy/exhausted/emotionally drained to be bored... but it is also very satisfying. I have also found that a good way to shake up boring moments is finding someone to serve... service project always make me feel needed and are so satisfying in a way that doing things just for myself isn't.

Amie said...

Did I write this? I go through this feeling often. I'm so blessed, have so many things in my life that are amazing, yet sometimes I feel like something's missing. I'm too chicken to just pack up and move somewhere, so I just try to make the feeling pass by planning trips I never take, and spending money I don't have. Heh.

ixoj said...

I know exactly how you feel! Before I moved to DC, no matter what I was doing, I felt like I was dragging. I think it's normal to go through phases like that. I think sometimes it happens to motivate you to do something different while other times it just happens.