Sunday, July 08, 2012

Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon

About two weeks ago I ran my first half marathon. It was awesome and I can't wait to do another one. Although I am super slow, I still managed to beat my trial time by 5 min. I was in one of the last corral that crossed the start line and I feel that slowed me down a bit. I kept dodging walkers and at many points I had to walk, since there was very little space to run. Next time around, I won't make that mistake. The course also seemed to be much easier than I expected.

I felt super lucky to be able to run this race with CB. When I first proposed the idea of running a half, he was skeptical. The Monday after we finished our race, he sent me a link to another half that he wanted to do. He's hooked!

My next fitness goal is to complete a month of cross fit. I start on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

4 Grass Lovers:

Michelle said...

Congrats Layla. Keep it going.

ixoj said...

Well done!

Good luck with the cross fit. It's brutal and you're the toughest ever for even thinking about it! Keep us updated. :)

Chris and Erin said...

Awesome work Layla! What a great accomplishment to be proud of, congrats :)

Pretty Zesty said...

You go! Such an inspiration!